Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Random Blog Post: Pretty Little Liars, Overhyped Perfume,& 2015 Favorites!

Hello everyone! 
I'm currently watching the Pretty Little Liars marathon and I'm so excited for the premier of 6B tonight! Although I was super disappointed with the 6A finale, I'm still excited to see what happens throughout the rest of the series just because I have been watching PLL since it began. 
While I'm watching PLL I thought it would be fun to just to this random little life update since I'm just relaxing right now. 
Nothing too exciting has happened lately. I just recently had to get a new laptop because the T and the Y and a few other keys stopped working on my old one. It was going to be over $200 to repair so I just got a new one. For a few months I was typing by using the on screen key board any time I had to use a T or a Y and that was incredibly annoying. My new laptop is a HP Stream. It had really good reviews on Amazon and It was very affordable. Its also a super pretty, shiny, bright blue color. School just started back, so I've been using It a lot and it works really well so far! Now that I have a fully functioning laptop I feel like I'm going to be able to post more efficiently now.

Speaking of posts, I am going to be posting a 2015 Favorites in the next few days! I'm going to be breaking it up into three different posts: Makeup & Beauty, Health & Skincare, Fashion & Lifestyle! 
Also, I have a few items that I want to do reviews of. I went to Sephora the other day and got a Foreo Luna Mini, so I will be posting about that In a few weeks. So far I like it a lot. Also, this is kind of random, but while I was at Sephora I smelled the Atelier Beach Walk perfume. I have been wanting to smell this perfume for the longest time because I've heard so many people rave about it on Youtube. I was expecting like a tropical beach vacation scent and It wasn't like that at all. There was nothing to it. It smelled nice, but it didn't remind me of the beach. I was so disappointed. lol

Anyways, thats my little life update for now, 
hope you enjoyed lol 

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