Friday, June 6, 2014

Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel Review!

My Skin
First off, here is a little info on my skin type. my skin is mostly dry, and acne medications tend to make it flake and itch badly. Medications that i have typically had this reaction to include the Neutrogena Grapefruit products and Proactiv. I  would say i have an average amount of acne. Not too much, but not completely clear looking either. I typically get breakouts on my chin and hollows of my cheekbones. So, hopefully this review will help anyone who has similar skin issues. :)
The Review
So far I have really enjoyed this product. It is very effective in treating my acne. This has not been drying on my skin at all. I can use it more than once per day if I am experiencing some very difficult pimples and it doesn't over dry them, or make them flaky. It doesn't burn! The fact that it doesn't make my face feel like its being set ablaze is very big pro in my book. Another thing I like about this product is how quickly it absorbs into the skin. It is almost instant. It works pretty fast. It takes about three applications before you start to see a very dramatic result. With the first use, I feel as though it takes out some swelling and just soothes the pimple in a way that makes it much easier to camouflage with makeup. With the second and third uses, it just shrinks more and more till its pretty much gone.Some cons about this product is the fact that it comes in only two sizes, .05 floz and 1floz. The sizes are too small in my opinion. I feel like I'm about out of product and its only been two weeks! At $17-$25, you don't want to have to constantly repurchase it every few weeks. The fact that it absorbs so quickly is not only a pro, but it is a con as well. I feel like a lot of product gets absorbed into my finger tips before i can even apply it to my face. I also wish it had a pump or was in a tube, I hate that its in a squeeze bottle.
I really like this product, I would recommend this to anyone with acne problems. I'm not sure if it would be as effective on those with worse cases of acne than myself. I feel like this is geared towards people with sensitive/dry acne prone skin which is great! Its hard to find effective products that don't over dry or irritate when you have skin like mine.

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