Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Made a Few Changes!

I made a few minor changes, as you can probably hear (if your volume is up lol), i have added a youtube playlist at the very bottom of the page. It consists of all my favorite songs. Also i added a poll on the right sight of the page and i would greatly appreciate it if you would vote! I am going to change it regularly and post the results, so check back often. :)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cozy Fall Nights

Cozy Fall Nights

Cozy Fall Nights by macy-dofash featuring a photo easel

The essentials for a cozy fall night:
1. Get a delicious warm drink- I personally have been loving these instant pumpkin spice latte packets from starbucks. Just heat up some milk, pour the packet in, and VOILA! You have a delicious drink that tastes like it came directly from starbucks! 

2. Try to limit your cell phone use and enjoy the world around you! When i go for walks outside, instead of scrolling through facebook and instagram, i try to take in the beautiful scenery, the smells, the sounds, everything! Its really invigorating and refreshing.

3. Read- The fall is one of my favorite times to read. I'm not sure why. I just love the feeling of being cozied up in a blanket and pj's, drinking some hot tea, candles lit, and a book. I am currently reading Divergent, and its amazing! 

4. If you don't feel like reading a book, put on some music! I have currently been addicted to all of Jason Mraz's music. His voice just relaxes me and puts me in a good mood.

5. Get Creative! I always feel more artistic in the fall than I do in the summer. I consider art a relaxing activity, and fall is a relaxing season, so i feel like they go together. You could also get crafty and make some wreaths with the beautiful red and orange leaves of fall.

6. Catch up on your favorite T.V. shows! My personal favorite is Pretty Little Liars, and i CAN NOT WAIT till the halloween episode on October 22!

7. Make your house cozy! Light some sweet smelling candles, put on some pajamas and fluffy house shoes, and dim the lights. I'm currently using a candle i purchased from Walmart by Better Homes called Creamy Hazelnut Latte and it smells delicious!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Favorites

September Favorites

September Favorites by macy-dofash featuring denim skinny jeans

These are the items I have found myself gravitating towards the most this September! The top is from Hot Topic. It is so cozy and i love that it is long enough to wear leggings with and I definitely wear a tank top underneath it because it is sheer. My stiletto skinnies from Torrid are the best jeans i've ever owned! I've had them for over a year now, and they will never cease to amaze me! They make any outfit look chic and effortless, especially with the adorable ankle zippers! My Skechers Go Walk shoes are so comfortable! I can wear them with just about anything, and they are perfect for walking around school, shopping, or just everyday life in general. The concealer i have been using is the Nyx waterproof concealer. Its perfect, it covers everything! And, its the exact same color as my skin so i wear it on its own a lot just covering up any problem areas i may have on days where i don't want to wear much makeup. The Fergie lipsticks by Wet n' Wild are amazing as well! the colors are just beautiful, and the staying power is crazy!!! For eyeshadow, i've been using my E.L.F. ursula pallette. Im in love with it. The colors are perfect, the quality is perfect. Its just PERFECT! My last beauty favorite is my Essie nail polish in "For the Twill of It". It is the perfect fall color, and i love how irridescent it is. For accessories i've been carrying my small studded bag from Target and my studded hoop earrings from Forever21. For my hairstyle of the month, i've mostly wore my hair up in a messy high ponytail with a little poof on the front. Thats all for this month. :)

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