Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Random Health and Fitness Update!

So.... I was doing really well on my diet and exercise... until i went on vacation! UGH! Since I got back I have just really fallen of my diet and exercise regimen and I'm really frustrated. Also, I've been back from vacation for at least a month now, so I really have no excuse for my piggishness! I just want to eat everything. Its really annoying. I still exercise. I walk at least 30 min a day on the treadmill and do yoga, and that's not horrible, but, before I went on vacation I was not only doing that but  also going to the gym a few times a week! I know this is probably something normal a lot of people go through, but I'm just so frustrated with myself. I have less time to devote towards fitness than I did since Its no longer summer and I'm back at school which makes it even more difficult to get back on track. I'm just going to take baby steps to get back at the level I was at. Nothing happens over night. If anyone has any suggestions or tips to make this less stressful, they would be much appreciated! I feel like I'm being super whiny. LOL. But I guess that's one of the purposes of having a blog: to let out your frustration!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Review! First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

I recently ordered the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty: Triple Remedy from Sephora because I've been looking for a new under eye concealer.  I've been wanting to try this product out for a while now, but the $36 price tag was holding me back. I decided to go ahead and splurge on this product since I just ran out of the under eye concealer I had been using. I also try to justify it in my mind by telling myself that its not just an under eye concealer, It has long term skin benefits because its an eye cream as well. I've seen a lot of good reviews of this product on Youtube and other blogs, so I'm super excited to tell you my thoughts on this product!


On the First Aid Beauty it describes Eye Duty Triple Remedy as "An eye treatment that instantly brightens, depuffs, and smooths". It also states that it is a complete eye treatment & delivers "serious long- term skin effects". In the long term it is supposed to improve the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. If this product lives up to the claims, It sounds pretty amazing.

I'm not usually super picky on packaging, as long as its not messy or hard to use, I am fine. But, I would just like to point out the packaging on this one particular product, because It serves as part of the under eye treatment. The applicator is a shiny stainless steel metal tip which helps to depuff your eyes. It is actually very cold to the touch, so it is very rejuvenating! Also, in the cap there it two little notches so that when you put the cap on, it actually plugs the hole on the applicator so that product doesn't squirt out in the lid. I thought that was a nice little touch to keep things mess free and keep you from wasting product. I love little details like that, especially ones that help you get the most for your money.
After I apply my foundation or BB cream, I just squirt out a tiny dot under both eyes and massage it in using the metal applicator. The metal applicator is probably my favorite part of this product, it really wakes up your eyes because it feels super cold! Then, i go back and blend out the areas I couldn't reach with the applicator with my fingertips. Before I set it with powder or start my eye makeup, I let it set for about 5 minutes like I would with an eye cream. 

The first time I used it I noticed that you can feel it tightening under your eyes. I really like that because it actually feels like its working on your eyes. It is very moisturizing but not oily. I feel like you should really let the product set, after applying it, for 5 to 10 minutes because it needs time to absorb into your skin. Sometimes I wont even go back and set it with powder and it still stays throughout the day. One major concern I had when I first felt how moisturizing it was that it would smudge my mascara throughout the day. Thankfully, no smudges occurred. It doesn't settle into fine lines or melt throughout the day. It stays where you put it. It is very brightening! It looks very natural, not like your wearing an under eye concealer, and makes you look fresh faced and awake.

I like it a lot! I honestly cant say anything negative about this product except for the price. You really do get what you pay for though. It works really well for me. It feels amazing and looks amazing. Its not cakey or makeup-y, it honestly just feels like an under eye cream. But it makes your under eyes look beautiful and bright! It conceals very well. I also got my mom to try it and she loves it too! She says it feels like the puffiness is being sucked out of her under eyes when she uses it. She is also a huge fan of the cold metal tip. Overall I really love this product. I don't feel like I wasted my money at all. I would repurchase it when i run out. It works well for all ages; I'm 20 and I loved it and my mom is 42 and she loves it! Below are the before and after photos. As you can see, it looks very natural and undetectable, but it took all the pink and purple tones out from under my eyes. 



I hope you found this review helpful! Thanks for reading!

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