Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Wet n' Wild Fergie Lipsticks!

I recently bought some of the new Wet n' Wild limited edition Fergie lipsticks at walgreens and i absolutely LOVE them. I have very dry lips and usually i prefer to stick to lip gloss or tinted chapstick because i feel like lipsticks accentuate how dry my lips are. Usually after a couple of hours of wearing lipstick my  lips will feel all gross and cakey and dry and just plain nasty! For some odd reason these lipsticks do not have that effect on me what so ever! They don't moisturize my lips but they don't make them feel bad at all, so i was pleasantly surprised with these! They also stay on for an insane amount of time without fading. They're magical.  Below are the swatches of the colors i purchased..... V.I. Pink (pinky mauve), Bebot Love (dark pinky nude), Old School Glam (red orange), and Ferguson Crest Cabernet (bright plum)

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