Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Random Health and Fitness Update!

So.... I was doing really well on my diet and exercise... until i went on vacation! UGH! Since I got back I have just really fallen of my diet and exercise regimen and I'm really frustrated. Also, I've been back from vacation for at least a month now, so I really have no excuse for my piggishness! I just want to eat everything. Its really annoying. I still exercise. I walk at least 30 min a day on the treadmill and do yoga, and that's not horrible, but, before I went on vacation I was not only doing that but  also going to the gym a few times a week! I know this is probably something normal a lot of people go through, but I'm just so frustrated with myself. I have less time to devote towards fitness than I did since Its no longer summer and I'm back at school which makes it even more difficult to get back on track. I'm just going to take baby steps to get back at the level I was at. Nothing happens over night. If anyone has any suggestions or tips to make this less stressful, they would be much appreciated! I feel like I'm being super whiny. LOL. But I guess that's one of the purposes of having a blog: to let out your frustration!


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