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2015 Favorites: Part 3! Fashion ,Lifestyle, TV & Music!

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Welcome to My last 2015 Favorites post!
Basically, this one will cover everything that isn't, beauty, makeup, or skincare related!
First, I'm going to start off with fashion!
Those of you that prefer the lazy approach to fashion might find this category interesting considering I hardly ever sacrifice comfort for fashion. Comfort is always my number one priority! If its cute, thats an added bonus. lol

  • Ava + Viv Wrap Dresses- For those of you who dont know, Ava + Viv is a plus-size brand sold at Target. These dresses were probably the most worn items in my closet this year. They are so versatile and comfortable! They can easily be dressed up or worn casually.The fabric is stretchy & breathable. The wrap dress silhouette is probably the most flattering silhouette I've ever worn. I cant say enough positive things about these dresses. I bought one with a green leafy looking pattern on it and a black patterned one and basically wore them all summer & fall. They put out long sleeved ones for the chillier months and I bought those too. lol I'm seriously addicted to these dresses. They are the perfect effortless item you can just throw on in a hurry! I LOVE THEM!!!!
  • Steve Madden Black Brandos- basically its a Birkenstock look alike and I got mine on sale at Macy's. I wore these with my Ava + Viv dresses. They are so soft and comfy & they have held up well considering how much I've worn them!
  • Lane Bryant No Wire Cooling Bra- I normally wouldn't post about underwear lol, but as a plus-size girl, I know it can be hard to find the perfect bra. Especially, if your not into under-wire. So, I feel like someone might find this information helpful because most people would automatically assume that a plus size woman needs the support of under wire because a lot of bras will lack support without the wire, but that is not the case with this bra! It supports everything that it should, it supports the back nicely, & it keeps you cool. Its the most comfortable bra I've ever worn & they have a cute selection of colors and patterns! 
  • Torrid Lace Bralettes- This is another item that can be tricky to find if your plus size. These come in a gazillion colors & are very supportive for a bralette. 
  • My Earthbound Sunglasses- I'm not sure if I put these in my last year's favorites post, but they are still my favorite sunglasses. I get so many compliments on them. 
  • Viva La Juicy- I should've put this in my previous post, but I totally forgot! lol But I think this was probably my most worn perfume this year & I got a ton of compliments on it!
Since I couldn't find good photos of the sunglasses & wrap dresses to use in my collage, here are some photos of me wearing them! :)

Lifestyle, Music, & TV Faves!

  • Sony DSC RX100 Camera- Its my camera that I use when I want to take higher quality photos and I filmed my Youtube videos with it! I love it.
  • Amazon Basics Lightweight Headphones- These are literally the best headphones ever! I honestly don't understand people that blow tons of money on headphones when these amazing, $15 ones exist! They sound great, they're comfortable & flatten out for easy storage. 
  • Gilmore Girls- I watched this series from beginning to end with my sister this year and we love it! It is just an all around good show. 
  • Parenthood- I watched this after Gilmore Girls because Lauren Graham is in it and I was trying to get over my Gilmore Girls withdrawals. Its about the Braverman family and there is a ton of family members, so there is a lot of story lines and characters. It is a really good,heartwarming show. Similarly to Gilmore Girls, it has that quality of just normal people living normal lives and I love that. I think everybody could relate to this show. I think this might be my favorite show of 2015.
  • Future Hearts by All Time Low- All Time Low, AKA my favorite band, released a new album this year & its wonderful! My favorite songs are Missing You, Old Scars/Future Hearts, Runaways, & Satellites
  • Spotify- I use this everyday. I really love the new discover weekly playlist. I will link the playlists I listen to the most below :) 
I hope you enjoyed my 3 part 2015 Favorites posts!
I hope you found it interesting and helpful!
Let me know if you've tried any of these items and your opinions, so leave me comments!
Also, if you haven't seen my previous two favorites posts with makeup & skincare, be sure to check them out!
Also, feel free to subscribe to my Youtube! I've posted a few makeup videos, so feel free to watch those! I'd really appreciate it :D
Thanks for stopping by!

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