Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 Favorites: Part 2! Health & Skincare!

2015 Favorites part 2

Welcome to the health and skincare portion of my 2015 Favorites!
I'm really excited about this post because it contains a lot of products I don't believe I've ever mentioned on my blog & the products are just amazing! They have worked so well for my skin. 
  • Clarisea Products- I wanted to start off with this line of products because I think It is my absolute favorite! Here is a little back story of how I discovered this product and why it is so dear to my heart! lol Any time I go to the beach, I love the effect that the ocean has on my skin. The ocean, from my experience, heals almost anything. It heals soreness, wounds, & best of all, acne! I'm not a doctor or a dermatologist or anything like that, but the effect the ocean has on my skin is miraculous! Since I don't really live near the beach and only go maybe once a year at the most, I dont get to enjoy the benefits of the sea's skincare properties as often as I'd like. :'( I have went so far as to attempt to make a mixture with store bought sea salt with no success & even went so far as to bring back ocean water in a container, but it was just smelly and kind of gross, I guess, because it wasn't moving; so, I didn't even attempt to use that. Can you see my desperation?! But anyways, my sister got a sample of the the Rapid Detox Charcoal Exfoliant by Clarisea in her Ipsy bag. I noticed it sitting on the counter and saw that it said "Sea Salt Solutions" on the label and got super excited and she so kindly let me borrow it! So I tried it out and I absolutely LOVED it!!!! It literally made me feel like I had just emerged from the ocean. My skin had that slight burning sensation from the saltiness and as rinsed my face I could even taste the saltiness. When I woke up the next day my skin was behaving exactly as it does at the beach. It was doing what I like to call "the purge", where everything starts coming to the surface. I kept using it and my skin only got better & better. I had to make sure to moisturize a little bit more because It can be a tad drying. But honestly, this is a great product for anyone who loves how the ocean effects their skin. I ended up purchasing the kit with the charcoal salt soap bars, mask, & more of the Detox Charcoal. Its awesome! I highly recommend it!

  • Face Soap & Clarity 3-In-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash- This has been my everyday cleanser since February! I love It! its very gentle and great cleanser. I noticed that when I ran out and had to order more I actually broke out a lot more than normal, but when I when I started back using this my breakouts subsided. 

  • Embryolisse Moisturizer-  This moisturizer is great for people who are on the dryer side. It has really basic ingredients- aloe & shea butter. It leaves my skin feeling really nice.

  • Freeman Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask- I dont know a lot about this product. I usually pick it up randomly at Walmart for spa nights. All I know is that I have repurchased it a lot. It smells so good, it exfoliates, its affordable and it really makes my skin feel nice afterwards. On their website they say it contains "Sparkleberry Extract". I don't even know if thats a real thing, but it sounds amazing. lol

  • My Kettlebell- I really enjoyed working out with it. I watched a lot of kettlebell workouts on youtube & I really like a lot of the kettlebell moves. They make me sore to the point of being able to hardly walk the next day, so I know they're working. Right now I have a sand filled one though, and every time I lift it lately it leaks sand on my face, so I really want one that is not filled with sand. I would not recommend buying a sand filled kettlebell, lol 

  • Emergen-C- I took this anytime I started getting any cold symptoms and It knocked it right out. This stuff works really well. 

  • Kinesiology Tape- I feel like this is something everyone should keep handy! Kinesiology Tape isn't traditional sports tape. It is like a second layer of skin. Its not tight at all. It just forms to your body. It miraculously relieves most pains, especially muscle related ones. If your not into popping Tylenol for every little pain, I'd try this out because It is a really great drug free alternative. 

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