Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review: Covergirl Lashblast 24hr Mascara

Silly me! I forgot to take photos of the actual bottle. I got this image from target since that's where I purchased it. You can get here

I recently purchased this mascara at target and I have been using it regularly for about 2 weeks now. I have a few thoughts on it, so I will separate it into the pros and cons about the product. Photos will be after the pros and cons.
The formula is amazing in my opinion! Although, there is one minor con I will cover in the section below, it has minimal smudging and it stays on for a very long time. I'm not sure if it lives up to the claim of staying on for 24 hours, but it stays on as long as i need it to. When I remove it, I don't have to struggle, tug, and pull at my lashes like I do with waterproof mascaras. When I was shopping for mascara, I was looking for something with longevity like a waterproof formula, but with a hassle free removal process. This mascara suits my needs perfectly in the "formula" category. Its also very budget friendly since its about $7 and you can usually find Covergirl coupons in the Sunday paper.

The minor con about the formula is that it is a bit dry. Its hard to get it on your lashes because the formula isn't very wet. I have to work with it a bit before I get the desired amount of product on my lashes. I would not recommend this if your in a hurry. If you want a dramatic look with some volume I would not recommend this product. I feel it works pretty well for length. If you really work at it for a few minutes you can get some volume, but nothing major. This is perfect for a more natural but, long lash look.

Photos ( not using an eyelash curler):
excuse my unruly eyebrows lol


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