Monday, May 19, 2014

My New Favorite Exericise!

I have recently added something new to my exercise routine that has given me enough results in a short amount of time to make me want to keep doing this move regularly.  That move is the PLANK! I never ever thought I would be in love with planks....but i am, surprisingly! The past week that I have incorporated these into my routine, i have noticed an increase in my upper body strength, and my midsection seems to have gone down a little bit. I feel some soreness in my upper arm/ bat wing area which I am so excited about! That is one of my worst problem areas. I am overweight and it is difficult for me to do super tough body weight exercises, but I am working my way up to them. I used to try to do planks and i could barely make it past 10 seconds lol so I am glad that i can finally hold it for the basic thirty seconds. I have been working my arms out at the gym and I think that has helped me build up to being able to plank for 30 seconds.

I have been doing each of these planks a couple of times a day for thirty seconds each! On the side plank, i do thirty seconds on each side.


I'm not sure if this would be considered a plank, but i have been doing this for thirty seconds as well. :)



  1. Great post, I've been needing to do some excercise and this has motivated me to do so!:P
    also followed you hun! I'm over at if you want to return the favour! :) - Keep in touch! xxxx

    1. Im so glad my post motivated you! that makes me super happy! :) Thanks and i will check it out asap! <3


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