Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Makeup Update: New Budget Friendly Makeup Products I'm Dying To Try! + Video Update

I haven't been to the makeup section of Target or Walmart in a bit.
Well, I went to Target tonight and there is a TON of new products. I didn't realize how many new makeup products had came out since the beginning of 2016!

Maybelline new products16

From what I saw, Maybelline has the most new products. It looks like they are really giving high end products a run for their money. I've never seen so many different palettes & primers in the target /Walmart/drugstore setting! I'm thoroughly impressed! I just hope the products are good quality.
I recently purchased one of Maybelline's new matte liquid lipsticks & I was very disappointed in the product. Usually their products are amazing, but that was a dud.
I'm holding out hope for the rest of the new products though!

new covergirl 16

Covergirl had some new products also, but what stood out to me is the new Tru Blend blushes and bronzers! I've seen these being used in a few youtube videos lately, and the color payoff looks beautiful. They have a baked marble formula, which, from my experience, always has a natural, flawless, luminous finish. Some of my favorite Laura Geller and Milani products have a baked marble formula.

Loreal 2016

Loreal has a new Lumi Cushion Foundation. I believe this is the first drugstore brand to introduce this Korean beauty trend at an affordable price point that is easily accessible. I'm probably the most excited about this product because I have wanted to try a cushion compact foundation for the longest time!

Lastly, I noticed that my local Target is now carrying the brand Essence! I'm not sure if this is news to anyone else, but my Target has never carried Essence before. I've never had any Essence products, so I'm very intrigued by that!

Also, my Valentines Day makeup video will not be up by Valentines day. I attempted to film the video again and my camera cut off mid-filming and I didn't notice till I was 90% done with my makeup. I was BEYOND FRUSTRATED! I honestly think I wasn't meant to film this Valentines day tutorial, because this is the second time some freak accident has occurred during the filming process. LOL

A video will be posted though, just not by Valentines Day. :(

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