Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Product I'm Loving Right Now: Tarte Maracuja Oil!

OMG! I would like to take a moment to rave about my favorite item in my skincare regimen! Back in February, I made an online purchase at the Sephora website. One of the three free samples I chose to go in my order was the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I didn't expect this product to be so amazing! I started putting on my face regularly because i have always had dry/combination skin. My skin DRAMATICALLY improved. It was softer, smoother, and even looked glowy-er. Its literally a miracle in a bottle. I got my mom to try it. She is very picky about moisturizers because she claims every single facial moisturizer breaks her out. After persuading her to try this she fell in love also. Another way i have recently started to use this product has changed my life! That may be a bit of an exaggeration lol but this product has literally worked miracles for me. My hair has been extremely dry and brittle lately,so i decided to smooth a few drops of the maracuja oil into the ends of my hair. It made my hair feel so soft! It felt so much better than before;Much less dry and brittle. Every time I put it in my hair, I feel like it improves a little bit more each time. It really is amazes how many ways this product can be used. I just ran out of my sample today which means my 0.23 oz sample lasted me about 3 months! Thats a pretty long time for a sample. I repurchased more of it along with the maracuja eye cream! I'm sure it will also be amazing. I have never used anything that worked so well for my skin and hair! I highly recommend this to anyone with any type of skin. I feel like it would work well for anyone considering both me and my mom used it and we have different types of skin.
You can get the Tarte Maracuja Oil here!  <3

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  1. Multi-use I like it!(: Maybe I will give it a try and see how it goes (:


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