Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quickie Review! Gud Pearanormal Activity Lotion.

I got a sample of this in a walgreens beauty box. This stuff is glorious! It smells delicious, Its very moisturizing, and the name is so witty! It doesnt smell like pears to me though! it smells kind of citrusy and sweet and a little spicy. I love it and i'm planning on purchasing the full size because it is so MARVELOUS!  10/10 fo sho ;)

UPDATE: Today, i applied a dime size amount this lotion on my hands and arms at about 10:30 AM. It is about 3:00PM now. I have washed my hands and used germ-x multiple times since i put on the lotion and i can STILL smell the delicious scent! Its not overpowering or super strong.  I love how long the scent lasts! This lotion is AMAZING!

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