Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm #215 Watermelon Twist!

I purchased this item at walgreens. They had a deal, buy one get one half off! So i got one to put in my mom's mother's day gift bag, and i kept the other for myself! hehe :) I got the one called watermelon twist! I really like this product! I think i like it better than the revlon lip stains that look similar to these. The reason why i like the Covergirl version better is because, 1.) its creamier, 2.) its less drying on the lips, 3.) i feel that cover girl has a better selection of colors. I do feel like the staying power could be better. It doesn't say anywhere on the tube that its a stain so that might be why it has less staying power. That also might be why its less drying on the lips as well. Overall i really love this product! The color is GORGEOUS! I definitely want to get more colors!

After the jump are some photos of my lips before and after  i applied Watermelon Twist to my lips. :) Btw... i did this review right before i went to sleep, so i'm in my worn out t shirt and most of my makeup looks like crap because its been on my face literally all day. I just decided to do this review randomly. Just focus on my lips not the rest of my face. :) lol

 before: (exscuse the goofy pose  lol)


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