Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Blog!

Hi! I'm Macy! This is my first blog ever! I guess I will tell a little about myself! Obviously i love hair, makeup, beauty, and fashion or else i wouldn't have started this blog... lol.  Another thing i'm really into is art! I am currently majoring in art! I mostly like to draw and paint. I also like to adorn my artwork with glitter, beads or other shiny things. :) I love drawing clothes! My dream job is to be a fashion designer! To me, I feel like hair, makeup, beauty, and fashion are all art forms. Everything leads back to art :) Another thing I absolutely adore is Disney! I'm a HUGE fan of disney! Mainly i love the Disney princess stuff the most! My favorite Disney Princess is Jasmine <3 My second favorite is Rapunzel and my third favorite is Ariel! <3 Obviously I am very immature lol I'm basically a big kid. But there's nothing wrong with that! :)

This is me and the next picture is me and my sister! shes my best friend <3 :)

Now I shall talk about what I like related to fashion, makeup, beauty ect..
Since I was little Ive always been into this kind of girly stuff! I would say I'm into it more than the average girl lol. Before I ever go shopping I do tons of research on what it is that i want to buy. I always like to make sure I'm buying a quality product while also getting a good deal. But every now and then i go to Sephora and splurge on something special! :) lol I've made this blog to tell people my opinions on all these girly things i buy! I find it helpful reading other peoples reviews, so i hope whoever reads my blog finds it helpful as well! :)


I dont like to do anything too unnatural looking, i just do natural looking versions of unnatural things haha :)
I really like old hollywood makeup like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. When I'm feeling colorful i like to do an emerald green eye :) thats my mermaid inspired look lol


I like comfy flowy things that remind me of summer! I like aquatic looking things that remind me of the ocean. I own a lot of turquoise clothing I love ankle pants <3 I have short chubby legs and i feel like ankle pants look really good on me lol and they make you look so put together and chic without really even trying! they are just amazing! I am plus size (size16) so i feel like i can give really good info on how to dress for different figures. lol I love colorful accessories and wild prints! I also love cardigans <3

I really cant think of anything else to tell about myself. There is another page telling my favorite products! You should go look at it, i hope you find it helpful and i hope you like my blog :)

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